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The Truth About Us

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Here at Sapri Cane Corso, other breeder's dogs are our pride, we're not a kennel, this is a backyard business where we mass produce puppies that we sell to the unsuspecting public using unethical bait-and-switch tactics and stolen photos of other breeder's dogs. We were once just like you looking for a companion dog, when we first found out about the Corso Breed. After long hours on the computer (searching for Corso photos to steal) and many weeks of research (looking for the best breeders with the best photos to use) we finally found a perfect collection of stolen photos for our website. It was at that time, we found out about the Italian Mastiff.  Once we found out that this breed "sells like hot-cakes", I knew that this would be the type of dog to make my living off of. The Corso is easier to sell and has more profit (a much better meal-ticket for me) than the Pit Bulls I used to breed and sell. It was then we decided to purchase our first Corso. Currently our home is full of over-bred puppy-producing Corsos, and our website is packed with stolen photos that make a great first impression on the unsuspecting public. Now, that you are in the same position that we were many years ago, we would like you to know we've been there. For what ever your reasons are that you're looking for a dog whether it is to breed for profit, for a Companion at home or work, for the kids, wife the husband or protection, we'll convince you that this is the right breed for you. This is a breed that is very DOMINANT and requires a lot of time and attention. Cane Corsos are loving and loyal and at the same time forceful and hard headed. Cane Corsos require a minimum amount of exercise and a maximum amount of socialization when they are young to make up for what they missed out on while with us, and ensure that they will grow up to be great and healthy dogs. This dog will be part of your family for many years to come, please do your research and make sure you are not being sold a poor quality pup of inferior breeding by a bait-and-switch scamming backyard breeder. All of "our dogs" are highly trained, worked, and socialized (in their ACTUAL homes, by their ACTUAL owners) before we steal their photos and claim to put them into our breeding program. We at Sapri Cane Corso love the money this breed makes us and that is why we take such pride in presenting the best dogs other breeders have produced as "our breeding program", giving the appearance that we are only breeding the best. All our breed dogs have been tested medically and physically, though we provide no proof of hip scores and other standard breed health tests, and since the photos of "our dogs" at Sapri are stolen from some of the best Cane Corso kennels and breeders around, we know the dogs you see on our site are well above the average dog.

We would like for you to explore other dogs, we would love for you to speak and see other breeders, especially the great breeders we stole our photos from (be sure to check out our Links Page). We want you to be sure that if you buy a Cane Corso from us at Sapri Corso you are fully aware that you are being ripped off by a lying unethical scammer just trying to make a quick buck selling pups. This breed is an expensive dog (since I don't work a job I have to support myself somehow) and just like anything else, you always get what you pay for (remember, when you pay for a Sapri Corso you're going to get nothing but the misrepresented bait-and-switch inferior pups we produce). My advice is not to find who has corsos for sale (even though I take pride in always having pups available year-round) but rather who is a reputable breeder (sorry, my reputation is in the toilet personally) that can help your family find the right corso. A good breeder, like those we stole our photos from, can find you a perfect dog that fits right in with your family. They will interview you and make sure you are good for their dogs, rather than selling to anyone who can produce the cash like we will. Any person like myself that has two or more dogs can be a breeder, but can they tell you how to help train, feed, and socialize your dog? How many litters have they  produced in the past? (I've personally produced and sold 73 pups just in the 5 months from Jan-May 2008 this year already.) Have these dogs been tested physically and medically and if so what kind of testing, and where is the paperwork? (It sounds like a good line to use, makes a great sales pitch - though I provide no proof of any health testing on my own dogs, and have puppy buyers complaining of pups with bad hips not even a year old yet) Are these dogs in cages all day? How do you decide what dogs are good for one another and why? (I base my breedings off color to produce the "rare" and "in demand" blue dogs I can sell for higher prices.) Is Gary Prichard of Sapri Corso the kind of person you want to buy your dog from? WE HOPE NOT!

We at Sapri Corso have been producing puppies to support ourselves for a long time, heard a thousand stories on bad dogs from bad breeders, and felt it was only fair to share our personal bad-breeder story with you. Please look elsewhere and find a good breeder that produces good dogs, we know we are not one, but do not take our word for it. Visit the rest of our site, see for yourself "our" Male and Female dogs we have stolen and lied about, read our Testimonials for real feedback from those who have dealt with us, view our Links page for more sources of information on us plus referrals to great breeders we stole photos from, and if you find yourself getting sick to your stomach over what we are doing to the Corso breed and community, be sure to visit our What You Can Do page to find out what you can do about us. Shop around, speak and see other breeders and we are sure you will be able to find an ethical honest and quality breeder to purchase your pup from in the very near future. The dogs and facilities of Sapri Corso are open to you and your family at anytime (though you will need a passport and have to be ready to travel across the US and to a number of European countries to actually see all of "our dogs" in their actual homes and kennels ). We have been here for quite some time and plan to stay for as long as this breed is profitable to us. Feel free to Contact Us for any reason, We would love to hear your experience or what you really think of us!


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